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Top 10 Baby Shower Games

You are hosting a Baby Shower event or perhaps you are the mum to be and want to know what are the most popular Baby Shower games.

Compiled from our customers and my own experience attending many baby showers here is our top 10 list of Baby Shower games.

  1. Guess how many in the bottle. Fill a jar with jelly babies or nappy pins and ask attendees to guess how many items are in the jar. The person with the closest guess wins a prize.
  2. Word scramble. Compile a list of 10 baby related words such as nappy, dummy etc and scramble them. Print the list out and ask all attendees to unscramble the words. The person who is first to correctly guess all 10 words wins a prize.
  3. Clothes pegs. Pass all attendees a clothes peg as they arrive. If an attendees says the word baby the person to over hear them must steel their peg. The person with the most pegs at the end of the baby shower wins a prize.
  4. Belly size. Ask all attendees to cut off a piece of string from a roll to the size they believe would reach around the belly of the mum to be. Once all attendees have done this ask them to measure their piece of string around the mum to be and the person with the closest sized piece of string wins a prize.
  5. Steal the prize. Give all attendees a raffle ticket as they arrive to the Baby Shower. Draw out of a raffle ticket and ask the attendee to pick a mystery gift from a selection of 5. Continue until all gifts are taken. Then continue to draw raffle tickets with the remaining attendees who must then choose to seal a gift from one of the existing 5 in the room. Once all raffle tickets are drawn the 5 people holding the gifts get to keep them.
  6. Baby items memory game. Have 10 baby items on a tray and show them to all attendees for 1 minute then remove. Ask all attendees to then write down as many of the items as they can remember in a 2 minute time frame. The person with the most items correctly listed after this time wins a prize.
  7. Nappy on baby. Have a baby doll and nappy and divide the attendees into two groups. Race each group against each other to place the nappy on the baby then pass to the next person. The first group to have all attendees place a nappy onto the baby and finish wins a prize.
  8. Celebrity baby names.  A sheet of paper with two columns. One side of the list is the names of celebrity mums and the other a list of celebrity baby names not in order. Ask attendees to pair up the celebrity with the correct baby name. The person with the most correctly matched wins a prize.
  9. Baby Animals and their mums. Compile a list and pass to all attendees of baby animals and the animal mum. Ask attendees to pair up the two animals. The person with the most correct pairs wins a prize.
  10. Nursery Rhymes and classic book tittles. Compile an incomplete list of classic nursery rhymes and classic children’s book tittles. Ask attendees to complete the missing word from each tittle. The person to finish correctly first wins a prize.

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Suggestions written by Amanda, mother of two children and owner of Baby Presents