Pram Accessories to Make Mum’s Life Easier

Pram Accessories to Make Mum’s Life Easier

Pram Accessories to Make Mum’s Life Easier

Out and About With Baby: Pram Accessories to Make Mum’s Life Easier

As a new mum with my first child I was overwhelmed by the quantity of prams on the market let alone pram accessories.  The choices were in abundance.  Why did I need so many things in my daily life? Don't get me wrong. I was still happy to shop until I dropped but I tried not to go overboard (really I did!). However until you have experienced life as a mum you really don't know what you may need or how to use it.

 Spoilt for Choice

 I am often reminded by my mother that this array of choice in pram accessories wasn't available or even manufactured back in her day. Accessories have evolved from the simple rain/sun cover and drink bottle holder to ideas for every occasion and weather condition.  You really can “bling” out your pram even if some ideas are more aesthetic than practical.  If you’ve ever had pram envy, prepare to be blown away by some of the items available to accompany them.

 Pram Accessories for Every Need

 Fast forward to baby number two and I feel a lot more educated as to what is on the market and what really will provide benefit and assistance to me this time around. Functionality has become my new favourite word and any item that promises to make my life as a busy mum just a fraction easier is sure to gain my attention. I now take practical over pretty any day.

 Must Have Pram Accessories

 Following are some of my favourite pram accessories that I feel no mummy tool kit should be without:

  • Sophie the giraffe teether and accompanying Sophie strap (to stop Sophie from being thrown out of the pram)
  • Pram pegs to secure the muslin wrap to the hood of the pram or stroller when out and about. This stops the fly away muslin wrap when caught in wind. 
  • A Nappy Wallet change mat set which is great for a quick dash to the shops, a play date or even for use on a plane when you are short of space. It is a change mat which fits wipes, bags and nappies and folds up into itself. 
  • Pram Bag to store all your babies products, like the nappy wallet, infant formula, food and the list goes on.
  • Pram seat liner to protect the pram from food and drink making it easy to clean, more comfortable for baby and also fashionable. My favourite is the brand Harry High Pants made by a lovely mum in Melbourne.
  • No pram would be complete without a classic cup holder for mum and dad’s morning latte.  It makes those sleepless nights a little more bearable.

We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing accessories for our prams.  Chances are if you have thought about it…it exists.  I hope you are feeling inspired to check out what is on the market and make the most of outings with the little people in your life. 



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