Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You have received an invitation to a Baby Shower but what gift should you take? Do you give the mum to be something practical or something keepsake?

If you are already a parent then you probably have more than ten great gift ideas. Do you give them the item that you found to be most useful when you were a first time parent or do you give them a keepsake gift that they can enjoy for years to come.

As the owner of Baby Presents and the mother of a two year from my own experience and feedback from my customers here is our top ten baby shower gift ideas.

  1. Baby Memory Book. The first few weeks and months are the most exciting and exhausting time for new parents. Unfortunately you can’t remember all the milestone events as they occur months later which is where a baby memory book to record these special events is a very useful gift. 
  2. Baby Blanket. First used to swaddle then later as a playmat, pram or car seat blanket. A baby blanket is one of the most useful items any parent can have. If the weather is to change and you are out and about you can quickly cover baby. As they grow older they will like to take it with them on holidays and sleep overs to grandparents houses as a feeling of comfort and home.
  3. Baby Towel. A generous sized towel is very useful. It can be used for newborn bathing and later they get older baby and toddler bath time. I prefer a hooded towel as it stays on them better and makes it easier to wrap them up.
  4. Bibs. You can never have to many bibs. First baby is bottle or breast feeding, then teething and following that learning to eat solids and self feed. A bib will be used for many months.
  5. Socks. These are a very useful item as they can be used as mittens on little hands to stop scratching and later to keep feet warm during the cooler months. They are also helpful when children are starting to walk and don’t have shoes as yet.
  6. Something just for mum. A range of teas, beauty creams or a day spa voucher.
  7. A range of baby products such as hair brush, nail scissors, bath wash, nappy cream etc
  8. Baby rocker or bouncer. A very handy place to put baby when you need your hands free. Can also be used to feed when introducing solids and as baby grows they will enjoy sitting up in this watching you.
  9. Nappies and wipes. Disposable or re usable nappies are items that all new parents will need a good supply of in the coming weeks and months.
  10. Books. You are often given a lot of toy and not as many books. It is never too early to start reading to a baby. As baby starts to grow up you can start to read to them and as they get older they will start to follow the story and then in time read it by themselves. 

Baby Presents  has a range of Baby Gifts  suitable from Baby Shower to First Birthday.

Suggestions written by Amanda, mother of two children and owner of Baby Presents

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