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Top 10 Food Ideas for Baby or Toddler Christmas Dining

Christmas Day dining is the exciting time when all family members join together to celebrate the day with beautiful food. Much planning has gone into the meal, below are ten ideas to have your baby or toddler join in.

  1. Breakfast ideas can be as simple as seasonal fruits cut into Christmas shapes perhaps a star or Christmas Tree
  2. A new take on everyday toast portions cut into Christmas shapes can be as simple and fun. This could also be done with sandwiches at lunchtime.
  3. Breakfast pancakes poured into silicone egg rings in festive shapes spread with seasonal jam is sure to please both adults and little people.
  4. If your baby is starting with solids, freeze green and red or orange puree vegetables and fruit into a silicone mould in a seasonal decoration shape example a Christmas Tree.
  5. Should your baby be eating puree meat and vegetables take some of the roast turkey and mash vegetables and puree together so they can still enjoy the same meal as the adults.
  6. Iced strawberry soup is a family tradition for us and our daughter loves strawberries. This is a soup served cool which the whole family can enjoy.
  7. Pasta is a favourite food of most small people as its easy to pick up and eat with fingers or when starting to use cutlery. A spiral pasta could be made with anything red and green such as tomato, capsicum, beans, herbs and ham. This will look decorative on the table and be eaten by all age groups.
  8. A sweet treat if your little one is eating dairy could be ice cream plum pudding as the ice cream can cool a teething mouth and the dessert has small pieces of fruit such as sultanas which they love.
  9. Seasonal fruits and berries displayed on a platter for all the family to graze from during the afternoon is popular for little ones as they will be able to self feed and its healthy.
  10. If the weather is hot jelly cups can be popular for all age groups. They are simple to make and can be made in advance of the busy day. Try green and red layers in a clear plastic cup for a festive look.
  11. Christmas Day cooking should not have added stress and preparation when a baby or toddler are involved. These simple ideas will assist in providing less dishes to be made for the occasion leaving more time to be spent with family and friends.

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Suggestions written from Amanda mother of two kids and owner of Baby Presents