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Top 5 Baby Gifts for Easter

With Easter fast approaching you may find family and friends wishing to spoil baby as it could be their first Easter. What is an appropriate gift to give to such a small person who doesn’t yet understand the occasion and is too young for chocolate.

Whilst chocolate is the most popular item purchased at Easter I think it is the most inappropriate for a small baby. Here are our top 5 suggestions of items as alternatives to chocolate to celebrate your baby bunnies First Easter.

  1. Bunny rabbit rattle. We stock a gorgeous range of velour soft rattles just perfect for small hands to hold and shake.
  2. Books. There are many great hard back books that cover the topic of Easter and are fun pop up or interactive books. Our personal favourite is Peter Rabbit.
  3. Silicone Bunny placemat a practical gift idea great for feeding or play time. These placemats are a generous size, non slip and dishwasher safe making them a favourite in our household.
  4. Bunny Ears. They may be a little too big for their head but in the theme of the occasion look very cute and can be added to the dress up box to play with when they are older.
  5. Bunny comforter. All children love to cuddle something soft to soothe themselves off to sleep. Our range of super soft velour bunny comforters are sure to please.

Baby Presents web store found at www.babypresents.com.au has a range of baby gifts suitable from Baby Shower to First Birthday.

Suggestions written by Amanda a mother two kids and owner of Baby Presents