Top 10 tips when selecting a Baby Name

Top 10 tips when selecting a Baby Name

Top 10 tips when selecting a Baby Name

You are pregnant and busy preparing the nursery, the next part of the planning process is selecting a baby name. There are so many things to consider when selecting a name for your bump. It is difficult to know what this little person looks like until you meet them, what name may suit them and you may not even know their gender yet.

You start to become aware of current baby name trends and start thinking about the names already used within your family and friend circles, people you have worked with or been to school with and the process starts to become big than first anticipated.

Reading endless baby name books can become over whelming and provide too much choice, do you draw a name from a hat and hope for the best? Here are our top ten tips to consider when selecting a name for your bump.

  1. Your partner and you must both agree on the name that you decide to use.
  2. Ensure that the christian name selected sounds ok with your surname and also middle name if you are selecting one. You must read all names out aloud to ensure no strange combinations. Consider also what the initials of the names could spell. A name can seem great on paper until you repeat it out aloud many times as if you are calling your child at the park and then you realise if you are pleased with this option.
  3. Don’t ask family or friends for opinions on suggested names on your short list. This will only lead to possible problems and confusion with everyone’s opinion being given.
  4. If you have existing children consider how this name will fit within the family and their siblings.
  5.  Consider how the name will sound on a mature age person in business. A name that can sound cute on a baby may not be on a 30 year old adult in business. 
  6. If selecting an uncommon name, creating a name or adjusting the spelling of a well known name consider if people will be able to pronounce and spell this name. Are you ok with your child going through their life having to spell out their name?
  7. Consider if the name can be shortened and if so what it could be turned into. If you are not happy with the shortened options of the name you have selected then perhaps re select a new name.
  8. A question to consider is the popularity of your name. If selecting a name from a top list which is compiled based on birth name registrations this could result in your bump being one of many when attending kindergarten and school. If you are not pleased with that possibility then avoid selecting based on current trends.
  9. Consider having a name for both genders regardless if you have found out the gender. It is better to be prepared in case what you were advised was incorrect.
  10. Traditions within families and nationality are also important factors to consider.

The above top ten tips are only suggestions and of course the most important factor when selecting a name for your baby is that both you and your partner are pleased with it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of the name as long as you like it.

Article written by Amanda mother of two kids and owner of Baby Presents. Baby Presents web store found at has a range of baby gifts suitable from Baby Shower to First Birthday. 

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