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Wooden Tapping Sticks

Wooden Tapping Sticks

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Harness your little one’s love of hitting things together, and teach them to keep rhythm instead with these tapping sticks/claves!

These wooden beauties make a lovely, mellow sound. Try tapping them together, scraping the smooth clave against the ridged one, or roll, tap or pound them on the ground.

These are made from FSC certified timber and then hand painted with Australian low VOC water-based enamel paints, so there are no hidden nasties.

As they are all hand painted each piece is individual. Please select your preferred colour. To protect the paintwork, encourage holding the painted end.

Clean with a non-abrasive soapy cloth when required.

Approximately 20cm tall and 2cm in circumference, each set of sticks comes with one smooth and one ridged clave.

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