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Jujo Baby Animal Pattern Jacquard Shwrap

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if you are looking for something a little bit different and multifunctional The shwrap™ is an award nominated unique design concept to jujo baby.

A blanket with sleeves. Wrap baby in the blanket section of the shwrap while keeping their arms free but covered. A great alternative for babies who don't like to have their arms wrapped in tight when swaddled.

  • Great for moving the baby between the cot, pram or car seat without having to unwrap the blanket. The sleeves keep it attached to the baby making it the perfect travel accessory.
  • By placing part of the blanket section over the shoulder the shwrap™ is a great accessory for discreet breastfeeding.
  • A perfect garment for babies with hip dysplasia. Worn as a cardigan with the blanket section covering the hip cast.
  • Deep ribs cuffs can be adapted to create different sleeve lengths
  • Optional fastening detail at the underarm is great for older babies for keeping the shwrap fastened while in the pushchair or car seat
  • Deep rib cuffs can unfolded to give extra sleeve length as the baby grows.

The shwrap™ is suitable for newborn to approx 12 months.

natural fibres - All our garments are knitted using the softest 100% cotton yarns.

The jacquard pattern is a 2 colour design with simple border detail.

Machine washable for total easy care