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Bola Pregnancy Necklace

Bola Pregnancy Necklace

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Pregnancy Chime Necklace 

This handmade piece of jewellery features a softly chiming 'Bola' pendant, on a silver or gold plated ball chain.

Made especially for pregnant women, the Bola is designed to be worn on a long necklace low on a pregnant belly, so that the Bola produces a soft, soothing sound as the mother moves.

This gentle chiming sound will be familiar to baby, both before and after birth and will become a lasting memory of pregnancy.

At twenty weeks of pregnancy baby can recognise a mother's voice, heartbeat and other sounds. The baby will also recognise the gentle sounds of the Bola.

Inside the Bola, a little xylophone is soldered. A little ball 'dances' on it as the mother walks or moves, creating a unique melodic jingle.


  • Bola ball - approximately 20-22 mm diameter
  • Necklace - approximately 135 cm long


Silver or gold plated, nickel and lead free